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Aug 19, 2010· The van holds a variety of forensic kits that allows detectives to collect evidence, including DNA samples and fingerprints. "These cabinets are all full of little bags and they all have a particular use," said King. "On television shows, they have everything they need in one bag. I still don't have everything I need in this entire truck."

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Sheltering in Place – Emergency 72-hour Kit. Whether it is a house fire, an earthquake or an emergency evacuation, having an Emergency 72-hour kit (backpack or duffle bag) for each member of the family, including your pet, that you can grab in an instant is vital.

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The recommended kit for suspect evidence collection is CMS 100 ... enforcement that wet evidence is present inside the plastic bag. This will enable law ... Digit swabs may be indicated in suspect evidence collection for a variety of reasons, one of which may be digital penetration of a victim. To collect digit swabs, use two swabs


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Sirchie Evidence Bag Variety Kit. $89.99. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. Intoximeters #LW096 Intoximeters Alco-Sensor Mouthpiece (250 Per Box) $69.99. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. #LW072 Sirchie NARK II Ephedrine Pseudoephedrine Reagent. $19.95. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. Intoximeters #LW068 Intoximeters Alco Sensor VXL Breath Tester. $889.99.

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Evidence Collection Kits from Sirchie. Sirchie is the world leader in criminal investigation and forensic supplies, including evidence collection tools & kits supplies and evidence collection kits. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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The word"EVIDENCE" is printed around the borders of the bag. If the bag is opened, then heat-sealed closed, the words will shorten or distort. The bags are leak-proof and made of 4 mil. thick tear and puncture-resistant plastic. Each Evidence Security Bag has a pre-printed chain-of-custody label on it with blue lines on a white background.


For proper use of the Disposable Faraday Bags, make 2 distinct downward folds of the bag and seal with your choice of evidence tape. For an even more secure signal block, some users use a bag-in-a-bag approach to double the thickness of the signal blocking bags to 9 mil.

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Evidence Collection Bags & Pouches from Sirchie. Sirchie is the world leader in criminal investigation and forensic supplies, including evidence packaging, labeling & sealing supplies and evidence collection bags & pouches.

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Jul 16, 2016· , DA E U R 0 P E A N P A R L l A ~ 1 E N T SciENTir-Ic AND TEcHNOLOGICAL OPTIONS AssESSMENT STOA AN APPRAISAL OF TECHNOLOGIES OF POLITICAL CONTROL Working document (Consultation version) Luxembourg, 6 January 1998 DE El II ES FR IT PE 166 499 NL PT Fl sv Cataloguing data: Title: Publisher: Author: Editor: Date: PE Number: An ...

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Evidence Collection Bags & Pouches from Sirchie. Sirchie is the world leader in criminal investigation and forensic supplies, including evidence packaging, labeling & sealing supplies and evidence collection bags & pouches.

Evidence Sealing and Identification Kit - Sirchie

This kit is for preserving and identifying collected evidence at the scene of a crime. This kit includes a variety of evidence marking materials for identifying glass, metal, cloth and wood. It is an excellent addition for field and lab work. ES1750 CONTENTS: 1- 614E Impulse Evidence Bag Sealer,4" (10.2cm) 1- GL000 Retractable Carbide Tipped ...

Paper Evidence Bags - 100/pkg - (Sm, M, L, or Tall)

These evidence bags are made from a heavy-duty Kraft paper stock, which is "breathable" and makes them ideal for a wide variety of evidence - from clothing containing body fluids to damp marijuana. Unlike other paper evidence bags, our bags are clearly marked EVIDENCE in bold letters.

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These 9" Plastic Evidence Tags may be used for a variety of marking and securing purposes. The durable plastic tags may be attached to items which are too large for evidence packaging. Label tags with a Sharpie marker. Red and Yellow tags are available. Provided in packages of 100 tags.

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SIRCHIE® tape dispensers provide a convenient method for holding, dispensing and cutting a variety of lifting tape sizes. The sharp, high-carbon steel, serrated cutting blades provide a clean cut–every time. Average weight is two ounces. Fabrication: Clear brushed, nickel-plated steel with integral cutting blade

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Sirchie Evidence Bag Variety Kit. $89.99. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. Sirchie #LE132 Sirchie Patrol Latent Print Kit. $34.95. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. Sirchie #LE139 Sirchie Replacement Porelon Pad. $17.77. Add to Cart. Compare SALE. Sirchie #LE133 Sirchie Scott Latent Print Kit. $87.50. Add to …

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Dec 04, 2017· Sirchie's Tac Commander is a multi-piece riot control suit that adjusts to fit different officers. Sirchie showed its new Tac Commander riot gear. The Tac Commander is a system of armor pieces that fit together to adjust to a wide range of body sizes.

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Paper Bag Sizes. Small: 5 1/8 x 3 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches Medium: 7 x 4 x 13 1/2 inches Large: 12 x 7 x 17 inches . Plastic Evidence Bags:Our plastic evidence bags have tamper-evident designs on it to indicate if the evidence is still secure. These bags are leak-proof and are made of …

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variety of specialized units including the Tactical Enforcement Unit, or S.W.A.T., where he was utilized as one of the lead instructors. In 1994 Scott transferred to the Identification Division where he began his crime scene, evidence photography and fingerprint identification career as an Identification Technician. In

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Kit comes in a rugged nylon carry bag. CAM100 Kit Contents: 1- 20.2 MP Point & Shoot Camera. 1- PPS401 Vinyl Evidence Ruler, Gray, 10 ea. 1- PPS6000 Reversible Photo Evidence Scales, 2 ea. 1- PPS101 Jumbo Reference Evidence Rule Tape, 1” x 30’ roll. 1- PPS800 Forensic Scale, Black on White, 105mm x 105mm. 1- TLK200B Black Nylon Kit Bag : Evidence Packaging Kit : Packing Tape ...

Our new Evidence Packaging Kit gives you the flexibility to package a variety of evidence. The kit is supplied with enough packaging supplies to process most crime scenes. This kit includes a sturdy black expandable bag that holds all the materials below: 75 - Printed Paper Evidence Bags of various sizes (small. medium and large)